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JW white (ultra high strength) fast hardening sulphoaluminate gelling agent

JW white (high strength) fast hardening sulphoaluminate gelling agent, with high purity whiteness, its whiteness value of more than 90 and bright color, far greater than the domestic high-quality white Portland cement. High early strength: it not only absorbs the performance characteristics of fast hardening sulphoaluminate cement, but also significantly enhances the hourly strength, the late strength can continue to increase, and the setting time can be flexibly adjusted according to customer needs. It has micro-expansion performance, low alkalinity, no radioactivity and high stability.

JW High Performance Mortar (Concrete) Anti-Shrinkage Reinforcing Agent

JW high-performance mortar (concrete) anti-shrinkage enhancer is a high-tech product independently developed by our professional and technical personnel under the guidance and help of relevant leaders and experts of China Building Materials Science Research Institute, according to our company's advanced process production conditions and special material production technology.

JW ultra-high strength micro-expansion (coal mine special) grouting agent

JW ultra-high strength micro-expansion (special for coal mines) grouting agent is a kind of high-tech special product which is specially suitable for all kinds of grouting and grouting in coal mines under the guidance and support of relevant leaders and experts of Cement Science and New Building Materials Research Institute of China Building Materials Science Research Institute and relying on the technical strength and product characteristics of the company.

JW High Strength and High Activity Superfine Grouting Agent

JW high-strength and high-activity superfine grouting agent is processed and produced on the basis of sulphoaluminate and silicate series cement clinker by using the most advanced production technology in China, so that the specific surface area of its products can reach more than 700m/kg. The activity of cement clinker can be maximized by using high fineness. It not only has large specific surface area, but also has high early strength, especially strong adaptability of admixture. Under the condition that water requirement does not increase, the slurry has the characteristics of good fluidity.