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Congratulations to Jianwen Special Material Technology for being awarded "Henan Province's Green Leading Enterprise of 2019"

  According to "Henan Province's Green Environmental Dispatching System (Trial)" (Yu Zheng Office [2017] No. 117) and "Henan Province's Green Environmental Dispatching System Implementation Plan (Trial)" (Yuhuan Wen [2018] No. 280), the provincial ecological environment Departments, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau and other departments organized relevant industry experts to conduct a data review and on-site review of the green environmental protection leading companies recommended and applied for by each province in 2019 Verification, centralized selection, and public announcements identified 40 green and environmental protection leading companies.   Announcement said that for green environmental protection leading enterprises, during the period of heavy pollution weather warning and control, they will no longer participate in orange and below control and encourage enterprises to reduce emissions independently. At the same time enjoy green credit support, approval support, funding support and other incentive policies.
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