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Zhengzhou Jianwen Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the West Industrial Park, Xinmi City, Henan Province, with a total area of ​​66,000 square meters. Up to now, the company has invested 220 million yuan in fixed assets and has more than 110 employees. It has annual R & D and production of various special engineering materials. 300,000 tons capacity.

Zhengzhou Jianwen Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established in cooperation with the China National Building Materials Research Institute, the China National Building Materials Science Research Institute's New Materials and HCSA High Performance Concrete Expansion Agent Research and Development Base, the governing unit of the China GRC Association, Member unit of China Standards Committee, vice president unit of Concrete Engineering Materials Branch of China Concrete and Cement Products Association, member unit of China Admixtures Association, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 management system certification enterprise, National Building Materials Institute designated special building materials export base. The company cooperates with the National Building Materials Research Institute and Tianjin Building Materials Research Institute to undertake three "National 13th Five-Year Science and Technology Public Relations Projects". Among them, the company and Tianjin Building Materials Research Institute jointly undertake the research and development of high-belite sulphoaluminate cement clinker which is " National Thirteenth Five-Year Scientific and Technological Public Relations Project ". The company has three independent intellectual property invention patents and more than 50 utility model patents.

元 In January 2012, the company signed a technology transfer and cooperation agreement on the production and application of HCSA high-performance concrete expansion agent (clinker) with China National Building Materials Science Research Institute. Relying on the strong technical research and development strength of the China National Institute of Building Materials Research, the company is currently mainly engaged in HCSA high-performance concrete expansion agent clinker and its series products, Gao Beilite thioaluminate gelling agent, white thioaluminate gelling agent , R & D, production and sales of high-performance modified sulphoaluminate series gelling agents, aluminate series gelling agents and high-quality engineering materials that meet the needs of modern special engineering.

The HCSA high-performance concrete expansion agent jointly developed by the company and Professor Zhao Shunzeng of the National Building Materials Institute is a high-tech product that improves the concrete's ability to resist cracking and seepage, enhances the strength of the concrete, and improves the durability of the project. The lack of special engineering materials, its performance indicators are at the international advanced level in the same industry, is a high-tech product to fill the gaps in domestic and international industries. The complete set of production and application technology of this product has won the 2014 First Prize of National Building Materials Science and Technology (Science and Technology Progress Category), and has realized the production of double-expansion source high-performance expansion agent clinker using a rotary kiln at home and abroad. White sulphoaluminate gelling agent is a patented product developed by our company's independent intellectual property rights, and the clinker Hunter whiteness reaches about 80.

At present, the HCSA high-performance concrete expansion agent series products that are the company's main products are mainly used in high-speed railways, hydropower, offshore engineering, bridges, high-rise buildings, tunnels, nuclear power and other large projects. Among them, in marine construction and other infrastructure construction applications, it can also greatly improve the strength of concrete, impermeability and resistance to seawater erosion, and meet the new requirements for new building materials in coastal areas of seaport engineering and bridge construction. In addition, the high-performance improved sulphoaluminate series gelling agents in the company's main products are used in projects requiring fast hardening, high strength and impermeability, as well as marine construction projects that are resistant to seawater erosion.

Since its establishment, Zhengzhou Jianwen Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the "strives first, management first, high quality, efficient and efficient" as the goal of the enterprise, adhere to the management concept of "Jianwen technology, technology first", respect science, Respect talents, continuously engage in the development of new products and technologies in related fields and provide corresponding engineering and technical services, and strive to build corporate brands.

Awards: Zhengzhou Jianwen Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. has successively won "Henan Province High-tech Enterprise", "National Building Materials Science and Technology First Prize (Science and Technology Progress Category)", "Henan Province Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprise", "Henan Province" High Performance Concrete Engineering Technology Research Center "" 2016 China's Most Growing Building Materials Enterprise "," Zhengzhou 2016 Three-to-two Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Advanced Unit "," Zhengzhou Transformation and Innovation Outstanding Enterprise "," Zhengzhou Industry Top 100 " Enterprise "," Xinmi City Science and Technology Innovation Service Advanced Collective "," Xinmi City New Advanced Industrialization Construction Advanced Unit "," Air Pollution Prevention Advanced Group "," Xinmi City 2018 Annual Meeting of Zhengzhou Talent Implementation Work Advanced Unit ", Qualifications and honors such as “Henan Province Leading Enterprise for Green Environmental Protection in 2019”.