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Congratulations to Jianwen Special Material Technology for being awarded "Henan Province's Green Leading Enterprise of 2019"

  According to "Henan Province's Green Environmental Dispatching System (Trial)" (Yu Zheng Office [2017] No. 117) and "Henan Province's Green Environmental Dispatching System Implementation Plan (Trial)" (Yuhuan Wen [2018] No. 280), the provincial ecological environment Departments, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau and other departments organized relevant industry experts to conduct a data review and on-site review of the green environmental protection leading companies recommended and applied for by each province in 2019 Verification, centralized selection, and public announcements identified 40 green and environmental protection leading companies.   Announcement said that for green environmental protection leading enterprises, during the period of heavy pollution weather warning and control, they will no longer participate in orange and below control and encourage enterprises to reduce emissions independently. At the same time enjoy green credit support, approval support, funding support and other incentive policies.

Jianwen Special Material Technology controls the production of fast hard cement in large rotary kiln in China!

  Zhengzhou Jianwen Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale rotary kiln in China for the production of fast-hard cement. GRC special cement. High-strength plugging agent. HCSA expansion agent, white fast-hard sulphur aluminum cement, fast road repair agent and other special engineering materials manufacturers Welcome new and old friends to visit and guide!

Warmly welcome the leaders of Xinmi Industry and Information Commission and related experts to the company for investigation

  At 9 am on January 9, 2019, Zhang Junfeng, deputy director of Xinmi City's Industry and Information Technology Commission, Shang Wanchun, chief of the industrial economic operation section, and a related expert group from the Sixth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry came to the company for research and guidance. Focus on visiting the company's environment, the company's ultra-low emission project construction, raw materials greenhouses, the company's central control center and other core departments. Comrade Zhang Xuewen, the company's chairman and general manager, accompanied the entire investigation. President Zhang introduced the company's various operations to the expert group in detail, focusing on the exchange of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide emissions indicators of ultra-low emission projects, company raw materials, company main products, and modern factory construction.   Subsequently, a symposium was held in the conference room on the third floor of the company office building. At the meeting, the expert group asked the company's fire protection, environmental protection, quality, energy and other details in detail about the specific requirements of the company's application for a national green factory. The relevant leaders and expert groups of the Industrial and Information Technology Commission fully affirmed the company's ultra-low emission construction situation and scored one by one on the current construction situation of the enterprise. In the end, the company was given a preliminary score of 90 points or more and gave guidance on the missing points one by one. Director Zhang Junfeng of the Industry and Information Commission pointed out: Jianwen Company, as the national and industry standard reference unit for new materials, the construction of ultra-low emission projects laid a solid foundation for Jianwen Company's next application for a national green factory. The progress of modernization has profound significance.   Mr. Zhang first thanked the leaders of the Industry and Information Technology Commission and the expert team for their guidance in the cold weather. Management platform to further enhance the automation and intelligence of production management, and work hard to build an information and green intelligent factory!
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