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The hot summer sends watermelons to cool the hearts of employees.

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It was a little summer, and the heat was unbearable. Walking outdoors, the heat on the face was dizzying, but the front-line employees of Jianwen Technology endured the heat, wearing sweat-soaked overclothes, and silently stuck to their posts. The general manager of Jianwen Science and Technology is concerned about the front-line employees. In order to do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling, care for the health of employees and prevent heatstroke, the company has also carried out the activity of "sending watermelons to cool employees' hearts in hot summer" in addition to providing heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs, mung bean tea and other materials. Bring a touch of summer coolness to Jianwen's family.




Watermelons with green skin and round body were piled up on the first floor of Jianwen Science and Technology Office Building. Representatives from various departments sent to lead watermelons were all smiling. In the atmosphere of joy, watermelon distribution work carried out in an orderly manner.




Close care, just like the summer breeze, refreshing. Let the front-line employees fighting in the high temperature environment feel that the company really takes the health and safety of each employee at heart.

This summer, may the fragrance of melons fill the hearts of all Jianwen people, so that this summer is no longer hot!