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Prevention first, prevention and elimination combined with safe production is everyone's responsibility

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June 2022 is the 21st national "safe production month". In order to further strengthen the safety awareness of all employees and provide employees with the opportunity to learn the new safety law and safety production knowledge, the company organized a safety knowledge training for all employees on the morning of June 8. Before the start of the training, Zhang Jinwei, executive deputy general manager, mobilized everyone to cherish the training opportunity, earnestly study the knowledge of fire safety, enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of doing a good job in production safety, do not make the training a mere formality, and truly prevent problems in daily work.



This training introduced in detail the knowledge related to the changes of the new safety law and the dual prevention system, and combined with the fire cases that have occurred in recent years, vividly explained the knowledge related to fire safety in the form of videos, pictures and text. By watching the video to understand the safety matters that industrial enterprises need to pay attention to in actual production operations (such as: anti-falling from high altitude, explosion-proof, anti-mechanical injury, etc.), let everyone deeply feel that safety is the lifeline of the enterprise, is the prerequisite for efficiency, and safe production It is the foundation of business.



Then the instructor explained to everyone the correct use of some common fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and home alarms, and led everyone to carry out fire safety drills. The scene taught everyone the correct use of fire extinguishers and learned how to put out the initial fire.



This training and study, employees have a deeper understanding of the significance of safe production in enterprise work. Safety is the premise and top priority of all work. In daily work, we should not have a fluke mentality about potential safety hazards. Safety production is the cornerstone of our career and the guarantee of our life. Only by abiding by various safety production systems, not forgetting safety in action and paying attention to details can we enjoy peace forever.