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JW Double Fast Gelling Agent

JW double fast gelling agent is a new technology product developed by the technical personnel of our company under the guidance of experts and technology of China Academy of Building Materials Science. It is characterized by short setting time, fast hardness, 3 hours strength of not less than 20MPa, with the needs of basic engineering. Strong adhesive force, no shrinkage, no shedding, and maintain the late strength does not shrink. Mainly to meet the rush repair, anchoring and preparation of grouting material, anchor spray and other buildings.

JW ultra-high strength sulphoaluminate gelling agent

JW ultra-high strength sulphoaluminate gelling agent is the latest high-tech product developed under the technical guidance of relevant experts from China Academy of Building Materials Science, giving full play to the advantages of rich local resources, perfect technology of the enterprise and superior properties of CAS clinker. Its characteristics are that on the basis of summarizing and absorbing various performance indexes of low alkalinity sulphoaluminate and fast hard sulphoaluminate cement, it gives full play to fast setting time and high strength, and the late strength can still continue to grow and so on. It is mainly used to meet the special needs of construction projects and the preparation of special engineering materials and other related industries, such as masterbatch doping. Especially for the production of the current market best-selling ultra-high strength road repair agent and ultra-high strength non-shrinkage grouting material is an ideal material.

Fast hardening (low alkalinity) sulphoaluminate gelling agent

Compared with other varieties of cement, it has obvious characteristics of fast hardening and early strength, and has the advantages of low alkalinity, small expansion rate, stable and fast, dry shrinkage without deformation. It has high retention rate of composite strength with glass fiber and long service life. It is a special gelling agent for GRC products.

JW white (ultra high strength) fast hardening sulphoaluminate gelling agent

JW white (high strength) fast hardening sulphoaluminate gelling agent, with high purity whiteness, its whiteness value of more than 90 and bright color, far greater than the domestic high-quality white Portland cement. High early strength: it not only absorbs the performance characteristics of fast hardening sulphoaluminate cement, but also significantly enhances the hourly strength, the late strength can continue to increase, and the setting time can be flexibly adjusted according to customer needs. It has micro-expansion performance, low alkalinity, no radioactivity and high stability.

JW High Performance Mortar (Concrete) Anti-Shrinkage Reinforcing Agent

JW high-performance mortar (concrete) anti-shrinkage enhancer is a high-tech product independently developed by our professional and technical personnel under the guidance and help of relevant leaders and experts of China Building Materials Science Research Institute, according to our company's advanced process production conditions and special material production technology.

JW ultra-high strength micro-expansion (coal mine special) grouting agent

JW ultra-high strength micro-expansion (special for coal mines) grouting agent is a kind of high-tech special product which is specially suitable for all kinds of grouting and grouting in coal mines under the guidance and support of relevant leaders and experts of Cement Science and New Building Materials Research Institute of China Building Materials Science Research Institute and relying on the technical strength and product characteristics of the company.

JW High Strength and High Activity Superfine Grouting Agent

JW high-strength and high-activity superfine grouting agent is processed and produced on the basis of sulphoaluminate and silicate series cement clinker by using the most advanced production technology in China, so that the specific surface area of its products can reach more than 700m/kg. The activity of cement clinker can be maximized by using high fineness. It not only has large specific surface area, but also has high early strength, especially strong adaptability of admixture. Under the condition that water requirement does not increase, the slurry has the characteristics of good fluidity.

JW New High Strength Anchoring Agent

JW new high-strength anchoring agent is a new technology product jointly developed by experts from China Academy of Building Materials Science and technical personnel of our company. This product is mainly prepared with fine sand anchoring mortar, used to anchor all kinds of mines, roadways, civil air defense, concrete caverns, railways, highway tunnels and all kinds of underground works of spray anchor support, foundation reinforcement, anchoring, building anchors and other places need to anchor and emergency projects. The anchor mortar can obtain ideal bond strength in a short time, and the strength of the later period continues to increase, with good water resistance and micro-expansion performance. The performance indicators are better than the current market used in the filling material, is a set of anchoring and shotcrete and other functions as one of the new ideal building materials.

JW High Efficiency Accelerating Accelerator

JW high-efficiency hardening accelerator type I, type II and type III is a new technology product developed by our company under the guidance of relevant experts from the National Institute of Building Materials Science. It is mainly used for sulphoaluminate series cement, aluminate series cement and mortar concrete newly prepared from this cement. It is characterized by promoting the early hydration of sulfur aluminum and aluminate series cement, so that the cement setting and hardening speed up, significantly improve the early strength of cement and late strength does not shrink, reduce water consumption, especially in the production of GRC products, can improve its demoulding strength under the condition of low temperature, speed up the mold turnover and other characteristics. The product is non-toxic, non-combustible, non-corrosive to steel bars, and can also be prepared for emergency repair and plugging with double fast cement and its mortar and concrete.

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