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Warmly welcome the leaders of Xinmi Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology and relevant experts to the company for research.

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At 9 a.m. on January 9, 2019, Zhang Junfeng, deputy director of the Xinmi City Industry and Information Commission, Shang Wanchun, chief of the Industrial Economic Operation Section, and the relevant expert group of the Sixth Design and Research Institute of the Machinery Industry came to the company to investigate and guide the work. Focus on the company's environment, the company's ultra-low emission project construction, raw material greenhouses, the company's central control center and other core departments. Zhang Xuewen, chairman and general manager of the company, accompanied the investigation. Mr. Zhang introduced the company's various operations to the expert group in detail, focusing on the ultra-low emission project nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emission indicators, the company's raw materials, the company's main products, and the construction of modern factories.

Subsequently, a symposium was held in the conference room on the third floor of the company's office building. At the meeting, the expert group and his party inquired in detail about the company's fire protection, environmental protection, quality, energy and other specific requirements for the enterprise to declare a national green factory. The relevant leaders and expert groups of the Industry and Information Technology Commission fully affirmed the company's ultra-low emission construction and scored the current enterprise construction situation one by one. Finally, the company will be given a preliminary score of more than 90 points and guidance will be given to the lost items one by one. Director Zhang Junfeng of the Industry and Information Technology Commission pointed out: Jianwen Company, as a national and industry standard reference unit for new materials, the construction of ultra-low emission project has laid a solid foundation for Jianwen Company to apply for a national green factory in the next step, which is of profound significance to the modernization of industrial enterprises in xinmi city.

First of all, Mr. Zhang thanked the leaders of the Industry and Information Technology Commission and the expert group for coming to guide the work in spite of the severe cold. In the next step, the company will further improve various tasks for the lost points, and through vigorously promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, introducing intelligent manufacturing, and all-round information management The platform further improves the automation and intelligence level of production management, and strives to build an information-based and green intelligent factory!