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Zhengzhou Jianwen Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. 2019 Annual Social Responsibility Report

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Zhengzhou Jianwen Special Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Social Responsibility Report 2019

Reporting cycle: 2019 (2019.1.1-2019.12.31)

Source: statistics of relevant functional departments of the company

Approved and issued by: General manager office

1. Science Development

Zhengzhou Jianwen Special Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the West Industrial Park, xinmi city, Henan Province, with a total area of 66000 m2. Up to now, the company has invested 0.22 billion yuan in fixed assets and has more than 120 employees.

Zhengzhou Jianwen Special Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established in cooperation with China Building Materials Research Institute, a research and development base for new materials and HCSA high-performance concrete expansive agent of China Building Materials Research Institute, a director unit of China GRC Association, a member unit of China Standards Committee, a vice-chairman unit of concrete engineering materials branch of China Concrete and Cement Products Association, a member unit of China Admixture Association, and a certified enterprise of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 management system, national Institute of building materials designated special building materials export base. The company and the National Building Materials Research Institute, Tianjin Building Materials Research Institute to undertake the "National 13th Five-Year Science and Technology Public Relations Project" three, of which the company and Tianjin Building Materials Research Institute to undertake the research and development of high belite sulphoaluminate cement clinker is the focus of the "National 13th Five-Year Science and Technology Public Relations Project" one. The company has three independent intellectual property invention patents and more than 50 utility model patents. In January 2012, the company signed a technology transfer and cooperation agreement with China Building Materials Research Institute on the production and application of HCSA high-performance concrete expansive agent (clinker). Relying on the strong technical research and development strength of China Building Materials Research Institute, the company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of HCSA high-performance concrete expansive agent clinker and its series of products, high belite sulphoaluminate gelling agent, white sulphoaluminate gelling agent, high-quality high-performance modified sulphoaluminate series gelling agent, aluminate series gelling agent and high-quality engineering materials to meet the needs of modern special engineering.

The HCSA high-performance concrete expansion agent jointly developed by the company and Professor Zhao Shunzeng of the National Building Materials Institute and other experts is a high-tech product that improves the crack resistance and seepage resistance of concrete, enhances the strength of concrete, and improves the durability of the project. It is an indispensable special engineering material for the construction of large-scale concrete projects. Its performance indicators are ahead of the advanced level of the international industry. It is a high-tech product that fills the gaps in the domestic and international industry. The complete set of production and application technology of this product has won the first prize of national building materials science and technology in 2014 (science and technology progress category), and for the first time in China and even in the world, it has realized the production of high-performance expansion agent clinker with dual expansion sources by using rotary kiln. White sulphoaluminate gelling agent is a patented product developed by our company's independent intellectual property rights, and the whiteness of clinker is about 80.

At present, as the company's leading products, HCSA high-performance concrete expansion agent series products are mainly used in high-speed rail, hydropower, offshore, bridges, high-rise buildings, tunnels, nuclear power and other large-scale projects. Among them, in the application of infrastructure construction such as marine engineering, it can also greatly improve the strength of concrete, anti-permeability and anti-seawater erosion performance, and meet the new requirements of coastal area seaport engineering and cross-sea bridge construction for new building materials. And the company's main products in the high-quality high-performance improved sulphoaluminate series gelling agent in addition to the requirements of fast-hard, high-strength and impermeability, etc., but also used in seawater-resistant marine construction projects.

After recent years of development, Zhengzhou Jianwen Special Materials Technology Co., Ltd. relies on advanced management concepts and models to continue to grow and develop. While obtaining economic benefits, it has never forgotten the support of society and the government for the development of enterprises, and has not forgotten corporate Social responsibility. For a long time, enterprises attach great importance to tax management, strictly abide by various national tax laws and regulations, consciously fulfill their tax obligations, and at the same time take the initiative to assume social responsibility and operate in good faith and compliance, which has been unanimously affirmed by all sectors of society.

2. Safety Responsibility

Fully implement national and local safety production guidelines, policies and regulations, consciously accept the supervision and inspection of local safety supervision departments, and organize production in strict accordance with the company's established safety production regulations.

Regularly organize major inspections of safety equipment, supervise rectification, and establish daily inspection records and hidden danger elimination and rectification ledgers; Set up special personnel to take charge of mechanical equipment safety and logistics support; Set up special personnel to take charge of safety data, safety system formulation, sign and sign production; Set up special personnel to take charge of internal construction, external construction teams and safety training, emergency plan drills and safety production assessment.

Regularly hold employee safety production training, organize professional safety inspections, such as flammable and explosive products, installation and commissioning of large-scale equipment, construction of key projects, trial of new products, etc.; seasonal safety inspections, such as waterproofing, flood prevention, heatstroke prevention and cooling, etc.; safety inspections on major festivals, such as Spring Festival, New Year's Day, National Day, May Day and other festivals.

3. Environmental Responsibility

The company has established an environmental protection management leading group, whose main responsibilities are to uniformly lead the company's environmental protection work, formulate and implement environmental protection management systems, and regularly inspect, summarize and evaluate environmental protection work.

The company strictly implements national and local environmental protection policies, and consciously accepts the daily supervision and regular inspection of third-party environmental protection departments. Actively respond to the government's call, focus on the construction of ultra-low emission projects, and actively respond to the country's work on air pollution on the basis of continuously making significant contributions to the social and economic development of Xinmi City. The company has always adhered to the concept of environmental protection development: "Energy conservation and emission reduction will always be the top priority in the company's production and operation process, and the environmental protection concept of energy conservation and emission reduction will be truly integrated into production and life." In terms of management innovation, technological progress, energy saving and consumption reduction, and emission reduction, the consumption indicators of enterprise production have reached the advanced level of the same industry in China, especially the emission of air pollutants has reached the standard, which has set a benchmark for the environmental protection work in the industry, and has completed the acceptance of green leading enterprises and in-depth governance work in Henan Province. It has become a demonstration enterprise of environmental protection in Zhengzhou and Xinmi. Also for the people of a blue sky to make a positive contribution!

4. Social Responsibility

After several years of development, the company based on advanced management model, the strength of the enterprise continues to grow and develop, solve the employment problem of nearby residents, arrange more than 110 employees; adhere to the people-oriented management concept. Continuously improve employee wages and benefits. Companies actively uphold the sponsorship of public welfare undertakings, willing to contribute, rich and think of the source. When the son of an enterprise employee was hospitalized with a sudden dangerous disease and was in urgent need of money, he called on all employees to send warmth, with a total donation of more than 10,000 yuan. The community under the jurisdiction of the enterprise gave the enterprise a pennant of love to express its gratitude. And establish and improve the assistance mechanism for employees in difficulties, provide assistance to extremely poor employees, and subsidize the children of company employees and several social college students every year.

In the crucial stage of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, in response to the call of the party and the government, we should help poor communities in depth, accurately help poor objects, seriously investigate the causes of poverty, and combine with the actual situation, in the process of poverty alleviation, we should actively participate in the help action with the two items of "family breeding industry and employment arrangement", so as to make the help objects get rid of poverty as soon as possible.

Support local education, respect the old and love the young, support the cause of the elderly, donate money to build and purchase sports facilities for Wanggou Primary School and Qingshihe Primary School many times, subsidize a number of poor college students, and provide them with graduation internship jobs; during the festive season, go deep into the poor families to offer condolences and send some daily necessities; at the same time, we will provide assistance to vulnerable groups such as the elderly and the disabled to repay the society.

The epidemic is merciless, and there is love in the world. In the face of the sudden epidemic, enterprises based on their own to actively fulfill their social responsibilities, enterprises sent representatives to the epidemic prevention front-line staff to donate mineral water, instant noodles, masks, disinfectant and other emergency supplies, in the whole people to participate in the fight against the epidemic, enterprises do their best, unknown to make their own greatest contribution to win the battle of epidemic prevention as soon as possible.

5. Employee Development

The company takes the initiative to assume the responsibility of employee development, insists on caring for employees, relying on employees, and gathering employees. The company will further improve the employee salary system and comprehensively improve the living standards of employees; actively carry out employee education and training and skill improvement activities to improve employees' learning enthusiasm and professional quality;

In 2019, the company organized a total of 1 physical examination for all employees, 1 time for Daimei Mountain, a 5A scenic spot in Xin 'an County, Luoyang City, Henan Province, 1 time for all management cadres to visit Thailand, more than 10 times for amateur cultural life, and more than 10 times for basic skills training for employees, thus better fulfilling the social responsibility of employee development.

Zhengzhou Jianwen Special Material Technology Co., Ltd.

December 30, 2019